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Who’s she calling, and who’s calling her? 0

Dear Bradshaw,

Having ordered cappuccinos, Francesca and I were waiting for the bartender to take our receipt when a homeless lady entered the establishment. I had seen the lady many times before. She’s one of the most ravaged and desolate-looking individuals on the streets of Rome. She was as thin as a noodle, and her withered prune of a face looked like a caricature of Elmer Fudd. The original colors of her filthy clothes were impossible to determine. In place of shoes she wore what appeared to be rags Scotch-taped around her feet and ankles. continue reading »

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The source of my stupefaction 0

Yo Shaw,

Paola’s a new student at our school, a nun and (not surprisingly) a kind lady. While discussing charity during our first lesson together, I said I felt uncomfortable giving beggars money. Though I do give money sometimes, especially to street musicians and wrinkled prunes of people, I more often offer food and, believe it or not, most beggars refuse me. continue reading »

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The stream that leads to nirvana 0

Dear Bradshaw,

Regarding your comments on vegetarianism, I hear you loud and clear. I think you know that Francesca and I are both members of and financial contributors to PETA. When I see those animal rescue videos, I’m thrilled about the rescue but emotionally drained and disturbed nonetheless. One video that went viral about a year ago was heart wrenching, impossible to watch with dry eyes. Though uplifting at the end, the video demoralized me and I took days to recover. continue reading »

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A question of triskaidekaphobia 0


Sad news, Shaw. Francesca’s grandmother died last week. Nothing to shed tears about. No need to send a Hallmark card. After all, she was 99 years old. Born in 1913, she was four months away from reaching 100. Meanwhile, and perhaps most importantly, she hardly suffered at all, just some pain for about half an hour and then she slipped into a coma. Two hours later she was gone. If signing up for such a death is possible, please indicate the line I need to stand in. continue reading »

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Dew like liquid diamonds 0

Dear Bradshaw,

Money is power, but tens of thousands of years ago, physical strength was the law. As we figured out agriculture and animal domestication and started settling into communities, religion and the clergy made the rules. As larger societies evolved, politics took over until now business has assumed control… with a vengeance. The desire to make more and more money, at any cost, is an epidemic of the few that affects the many (if not the most) of us. continue reading »

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