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The biggest blooper of my life 0

Dear Bradshaw,

Katia works for Francesca and is also friends with friends of ours. I first met her and her husband at the birthday party of our mutual friends, and we’ve also spent a weekend together at our mutual friends’ wedding.

Last week I visited Francesca’s office for the first time. I hadn’t seen Katia since the wedding, and characteristically, I forgot her name. Names are my kryptonite. I forget them often. continue reading »

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To live the greatest life possible 0

Dear Bradshaw, What I need, Shaw—what I’m looking for—is time. By “time” I mean day after day, hour after hour of nothing to do but write. Don’t get me wrong, I write every day, no doubt about that, but only for an hour or two. The problem is that I teach eight or nine hours a day while also racing from one lesson to another. Leaving the apartment at 8am and returning after 8pm leaves little time for writing, my friend, not to mention the hours I spend attending to Octopus Ink stuff. Setting up these book tours is no joke, man, especially considering I’m in Italy and the tours are in the U.S. “Why not quit teaching?” you may be wondering. Because, Shaw, at the moment, teaching’s where the money comes from. continue reading »

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The stream that leads to nirvana 0

Dear Bradshaw,

Regarding your comments on vegetarianism, I hear you loud and clear. I think you know that Francesca and I are both members of and financial contributors to PETA. When I see those animal rescue videos, I’m thrilled about the rescue but emotionally drained and disturbed nonetheless. One video that went viral about a year ago was heart wrenching, impossible to watch with dry eyes. Though uplifting at the end, the video demoralized me and I took days to recover. continue reading »

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The dog’s paw 2

Dear Bradshaw,

The time has come to turn over a new leaf. I know I’ve said that before but this time I mean it. (I know I’ve said that before too but this time I really mean it.)

The leaf is this: from now on I no longer criticize anyone or anything, neither thoughts nor words. Yes, criticizing is normal. It’s natural. It’s human. But it’s a waste of brain space. After all these years of griping and grumbling I’ve noticed my criticism hasn’t changed a thing. The same people keep doing the same things. Besides, who am I to say what’s right or wrong with the world? I know only what’s right and wrong for me. So it’s time to change the only thing I can change = myself. continue reading »

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An everyday task with daily deadlines 0

Dear Bradshaw,

Lately, I’ve been stagnating in a quagmire. Since starting Octopus Ink Press, I’ve felt the need to make money and, as you know, worrying about money depletes the soul. Though I’m paid to write the school blogs and am making more money, the blogs take time, which makes it tricky to find my center of pure being. Blog writing is an everyday task with daily deadlines. So lately, I’ve been doing instead of being, and it’s easy to lose sight of what life’s about in such a situation. continue reading »

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