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The rain, the wind, the humidity, and only in the elevator 0

Two weeks ago our next-door neighbor knocked on our door for the first time ever. Giorgia’s about 40 years old and, along with her 70-year-old mother, has lived in the apartment next to ours for the past four years.

It was 7:30pm, and I was surprised to see a neighbor at the door because no neighbor has ever knocked on our door, ever. The only words we’ve exchanged with anybody in our building have been while taking the elevator up or down.

Giorgia was anxious to talk to Francesca. She even put a foot inside our apartment and peeked around the door to see if Francesca was here.

“Francesca will be home in an hour,” I said. “If you want, I’ll send her over as soon as she gets back.”

Blushing and frowning, Giorgia shook her head. “No, no. I’ll come back in the morning.”

But Giorgia didn’t come back in the morning. Instead, she came back ten days later, which was last Wednesday. I glanced through the peephole, saw her and, being in my underwear, let Francesca respond. continue reading »

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A door a day 0

Yo Shaw,

As I work Monday through Saturday, Sunday is sacred, the only day of the week when Francesca and I can relax and spend quality time together. As you know, we take a 3-4 hour walk on Sundays, which includes a break for lunch.

Last week was especially stressful and rainy, so we were looking forward to the bright, sunny Sunday that had been forecasted. Francesca was already in the elevator when I closed our front door and inserted the key in the keyhole. But when I tried to lock the door, the key wouldn’t turn.

Francesca covered her mouth with her hand. “Oh noooo! I locked the door from the inside last night, and when I unlocked the door just now, I left the key in the hole.” continue reading »

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Rooting for the ape 0

Dear Bradshaw,

Back in March I filled out the paperwork for a police report. I need an official document from the FBI stating I have no criminal record before I can apply for dual citizenship. When I received an email this morning from my father informing me the document had arrived, I immediately relayed the news to Francesca.

She was in the kitchen. I went to the edge of the living room rug, and said, “The identity check from the FBI finally arrived.”

“Great! Tell your parents to mail it here.”

“But there’s a problem. It says I was arrested.” continue reading »

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“Emergency! Emergency!” 0

Dear Bradshaw,

I dropped a sock on the ground this morning and while retrieving it my fingers scraped over our wooden floor and a splinter plowed underneath a fingernail of my left hand. Eyeballing my fingernail, I saw a chunk of wood piercing halfway toward my cuticle. One end of the splinter was poking out far enough for me to grasp so I pinched the edge between the thumb and index fingers of my right hand but when I pulled the end snapped off, leaving the splinter wedged beneath my nail. continue reading »

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Five, maybe six or seven. 0

Dear Bradshaw,

As most of my salary is paid in cash, to avoid keeping large quantities of money in our apartment, I cover rent and other mutual expenses, and then I keep track of the money in Francesca’s bank account. When I need a large amount of cash, she withdraws it for me. continue reading »

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