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A hole in your pocket! 0

We were in Piazza Risorgimento for lunch today. Nothing special. Francesca’s mom was hungry so we stopped at a place that makes salads. At a certain point a gypsy walked up to our table and asked for money. The waiter rushed over and said to the gypsy, “Don’t disturb the priest while he’s eating!”

The gypsy started to protest and the waiter repeated, “Leave the priest in peace!” continue reading »

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Clipping the pigeon’s claws 1

Francesca and I were nearing Piazza Cavour when we saw a homeless man marching in place with his back to a brick wall. He was waving his left hand spastically in front of his face, either suffering from a neurological disorder, under the influence of some brain-straining substance, or a combination of the two. A backpack was propped against the wall, and a cereal bowl with several coins inside was on the ground by his feet. We took a wide detour, worried his swinging hand might take a swipe at us as we passed. continue reading »

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Self-destruct instinct 0

Dear Bradshaw,

While on my way to a lesson, I heard a dog start barking. I looked up to see a rat-sized critter on a leash yapping at a second, much larger dog. The owner of the pipsqueak dog had to restrain his pet, which was raised onto its back legs and snapping its fangs while choking itself at the end of its chain. As the two dogs passed each other, the second dog sniffed in the tiny dog’s direction, and then continued along, unfazed by its adversary’s aggressive behavior. continue reading »

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Cracks in the pavement 0

Dear Bradshaw,

Having arrived early for my last lesson of the day I stopped at a nearby bar for a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice. The bartender recognized me as I entered but, engaged in conversation with another patron, he mimed squeezing oranges and I nodded. While turning toward the juicer, the bartender suddenly covered his mouth and sneezed. I saw saliva spray between his fingers. continue reading »

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A rare if not unique experience 2

I was crossing Via Gregorio VII when some guy flagged me down. He had been waiting for the bus, but abandoned the nearby bus stop when he saw me passing. Between 25 and 30 years old, he had short, slicked-back hair, olive skin, and was about the same height and weight as me.

I stopped in the middle of the street, feeling safer in the open, as the guy approached. He stopped about two feet away from me. “Sorry to bother you but, uh, well, I saw you crossing the street and wanted to ask you a question because I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind helping me out since I really need—” continue reading »

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