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Self-destruct instinct 0

Dear Bradshaw,

While on my way to a lesson, I heard a dog start barking. I looked up to see a rat-sized critter on a leash yapping at a second, much larger dog. The owner of the pipsqueak dog had to restrain his pet, which was raised onto its back legs and snapping its fangs while choking itself at the end of its chain. As the two dogs passed each other, the second dog sniffed in the tiny dog’s direction, and then continued along, unfazed by its adversary’s aggressive behavior. continue reading »

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Cracks in the pavement 0

Dear Bradshaw,

Having arrived early for my last lesson of the day I stopped at a nearby bar for a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice. The bartender recognized me as I entered but, engaged in conversation with another patron, he mimed squeezing oranges and I nodded. While turning toward the juicer, the bartender suddenly covered his mouth and sneezed. I saw saliva spray between his fingers. continue reading »

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A door a day 0

Yo Shaw,

As I work Monday through Saturday, Sunday is sacred, the only day of the week when Francesca and I can relax and spend quality time together. As you know, we take a 3-4 hour walk on Sundays, which includes a break for lunch.

Last week was especially stressful and rainy, so we were looking forward to the bright, sunny Sunday that had been forecasted. Francesca was already in the elevator when I closed our front door and inserted the key in the keyhole. But when I tried to lock the door, the key wouldn’t turn.

Francesca covered her mouth with her hand. “Oh noooo! I locked the door from the inside last night, and when I unlocked the door just now, I left the key in the hole.” continue reading »

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“See, hear, speak no evil!” 0

Dear Bradshaw,

Having only recently returned from summer vacation, I had two lessons last Thursday, the first at lunchtime in Massimo’s office where we’ve done our lessons for years, and the second at a café where I always meet Alessandra in the evening. The café has two floors and we do our lessons upstairs where the atmosphere is quieter and with less distractions.

Thursday was my first lesson since July with 55-year-old Massimo. Most of the hour we talked about the trip to Belgium he and his wife took with their 8-year-old son.

When I arrived at the cafĂ© for my second lesson hours later, while climbing the stairs, I saw two lovers sitting at the table next to the table Alessandra and I always sit at. This struck me as odd because the previous evening another pair of lovers had been sitting at that same table when I arrived. I’d known they were lovers without being told. Middle-aged couples tend to contain themselves in public, especially since they can be as touchy-feely as they want at home. This couple, however, was sitting close enough to share a leg, and exuded a haze of sexual tension that sparked the air around them. continue reading »

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Mosquito on the prowl 0

Dear Bradshaw,

My last lesson on Fridays starts at 7pm and takes place at my student’s parents-in-laws’ apartment, which is wonderful because they live right across the street from me, but is also a bummer because their apartment lacks air-conditioning. Last Friday was an inferno in Rome, so the hour-long lesson was hard to sit through. Also, due to the strangling heat and suffocating humidity, the windows and the door to the balcony were open, and a mosquito was on the prowl. continue reading »

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