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Dear Bradshaw,

Having only recently returned from summer vacation, I had two lessons last Thursday, the first at lunchtime in Massimo’s office where we’ve done our lessons for years, and the second at a café where I always meet Alessandra in the evening. The café has two floors and we do our lessons upstairs where the atmosphere is quieter and with less distractions.

Thursday was my first lesson since July with 55-year-old Massimo. Most of the hour we talked about the trip to Belgium he and his wife took with their 8-year-old son.

When I arrived at the cafĂ© for my second lesson hours later, while climbing the stairs, I saw two lovers sitting at the table next to the table Alessandra and I always sit at. This struck me as odd because the previous evening another pair of lovers had been sitting at that same table when I arrived. I’d known they were lovers without being told. Middle-aged couples tend to contain themselves in public, especially since they can be as touchy-feely as they want at home. This couple, however, was sitting close enough to share a leg, and exuded a haze of sexual tension that sparked the air around them. continue reading »

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