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Dear Bradshaw,

The bus last Friday morning was packed, but I managed to squeeze on and cram myself into the corner of the door I’d entered. At each stop, whenever the doors opened, I had to shift around to let people exit. After the fourth stop, I was suddenly aware of someone standing a step away from me. He was a whiskery old man, born more or less the year Hitler invaded Poland. Brown spots blotched his yellowish skin, and a sizable mole, which his overgrown sideburns were unsuccessfully trying to conceal, uglified the side of his left cheek. He was glaring at me, one eye wider than the other, with a look that could have scrambled the egg inside a chicken’s ass. continue reading »

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Dear Bradshaw,

Thanks to the transportation strike last Wednesday, I had to walk, jog, and run nine miles. That’s how my job goes when, once a month, the bus drivers and metro engineers strike in this city.

For my first lesson of the day I left the apartment an hour and 15 minutes early. As a consequence of the distance and humidity, the hike was long and sweaty, and I realized halfway through that I could have saved time by taking a different direction. Rome’s weird that way. continue reading »

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