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No matter what or where or why 0

Dear Bradshaw,

We’ve just returned from California and you know what that means: 35,000 feet in the air, both ways. That’s about 34,995 feet higher than I like to be. In fact, every time my plane takes off and lands safely, I celebrate the minor miracle, as if I’ve cheated death somehow.

If flying makes me nervous, turbulence makes me a madman. A shuddering plane is a living nightmare for me. When I’m on a turbulent airplane I want to parachute to safety, immediately. Problem is planes have no parachutes, which is something I’ve never understood. Turbulence claws my fingers into the armrests as my heart beats in my brain. While scanning the flight attendants’ faces, searching for the faintest sign of panic or alarm, I swear to myself I’ll never fly again, no matter what or where or why. Of course, the attendants are always cool-headed, not a bead a sweat or wrinkle of concern no matter how shaky the ride. continue reading »

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