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Who’s she calling, and who’s calling her? 0

Dear Bradshaw,

Having ordered cappuccinos, Francesca and I were waiting for the bartender to take our receipt when a homeless lady entered the establishment. I had seen the lady many times before. She’s one of the most ravaged and desolate-looking individuals on the streets of Rome. She was as thin as a noodle, and her withered prune of a face looked like a caricature of Elmer Fudd. The original colors of her filthy clothes were impossible to determine. In place of shoes she wore what appeared to be rags Scotch-taped around her feet and ankles. continue reading »

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The sharpest knife in the kitchen 0

Dear Bradshaw,

While 14-year-old Antonello was reading an article about super volcanoes during our lesson last week, when Antonello read that the world’s most recent eruption had occurred 75,000 years ago, his mouth fell open, and he looked up at me, incredulity clouding his eyes. “What? How’s that possible?”

I was shocked but not surprised. I’ve been teaching Antonello for years, and I know he’s not the sharpest knife in the kitchen. “How’s what possible?” continue reading »

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