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Dear Bradshaw,

While descending the stairs to the metro, I heard the train arriving. The doors opened and several people exited as I approached, but then, while I was nearing the open doors, someone leaped out his seat and bolted past me, forcing me to stop in my tracks with my right leg suspended in the air. The next instant, redirecting my forward momentum, I somehow inserted my foot into the gap between the train and the platform.

For an instant, I wondered if the train might depart with me trapped in the gap, but I reassured myself that the doors would have to close first and, with me blocking the threshold, they wouldn’t be able to. I tried to pull my foot out but my shoe was stuck, and while shifting my position for better leverage, I somehow managed to slide deeper into the void, up to my knee, in fact.

Someone cried for help, “Aiuto!” and I saw several people cover their mouths with both hands. At the same time, three men rushed to my rescue, grabbing me under the arms and supporting me while I extracted my leg.

Once free, I thanked my good Samaritans, smiled at the passengers who’d been watching the debacle, and then took a seat as the doors shut and the train took off.

So I survived, though my freshly shined shoe is scuffed and my shin is swollen purple and sore. But let that be a lesson to you too, Shaw. When they say, “Mind the gap,” they mean, “Mind the gap”!

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