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The dynamics of the correct answer 0

Dear Bradshaw,

I taught Rossella yesterday. Though she signed up for another 60 hours months ago, I haven’t had any lessons with her since our last fiasco, so I was both pleased and surprised to see she’d reached the unit on irregular verbs.

There were two columns of eight verbs in the first exercise: base form on the left with, on the right, the same verbs conjugated in the past. Rossella had to connect each verb with its irregular past.

More or less, the exercise looked like this: continue reading »

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Let’s hope the Limper’s leg 0

Francesca and I recently bought a curtain that needed to be shortened so, last Tuesday, after having worked all day, I raced home, grabbed the curtain, and then hurried downstairs to the local seamstress. Anxious to sit down with a glass of wine and write, I was determined to get back home. So, while rushing down the street, when I saw a gray-whiskered old man pull up on his scooter, park outside the shop, and then start limping toward the door, I increased my pace and beat him to the entrance. continue reading »

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