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The source of my stupefaction 0

Yo Shaw,

Paola’s a new student at our school, a nun and (not surprisingly) a kind lady. While discussing charity during our first lesson together, I said I felt uncomfortable giving beggars money. Though I do give money sometimes, especially to street musicians and wrinkled prunes of people, I more often offer food and, believe it or not, most beggars refuse me. continue reading »

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The stream that leads to nirvana 0

Dear Bradshaw,

Regarding your comments on vegetarianism, I hear you loud and clear. I think you know that Francesca and I are both members of and financial contributors to PETA. When I see those animal rescue videos, I’m thrilled about the rescue but emotionally drained and disturbed nonetheless. One video that went viral about a year ago was heart wrenching, impossible to watch with dry eyes. Though uplifting at the end, the video demoralized me and I took days to recover. continue reading »

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