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Dear Bradshaw,

Today’s been a bit of a down day. In addition to the dreary weather, lately I’ve been busy writing three week’s worth of blogs for my school (while also translating 30 different documents for a client) and then, checking my emails an hour ago, I received a message from my boss telling me to hold off on the blogs for a bit because they’re planning to revamp the website. Ho hum. continue reading »

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Dear Bradshaw,

Alberta arrived, plopped a book on the desk, sat down, and then pulled her vocabulary folder out of her bag. The book was Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol. I’ve read only one Dan Brown book, The Da Vinci Code, which I found poorly written and with too many dilemmas resolved by a deus ex machina.

When I asked Alberta what she thought of The Lost Symbol, she said, “Incredible. Really fantastic.” continue reading »

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