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Dear Bradshaw,

Money is power, but tens of thousands of years ago, physical strength was the law. As we figured out agriculture and animal domestication and started settling into communities, religion and the clergy made the rules. As larger societies evolved, politics took over until now business has assumed control… with a vengeance. The desire to make more and more money, at any cost, is an epidemic of the few that affects the many (if not the most) of us.

In the beginning was the grain of sand, long later came the atom, and now it’s the quark. So what’s next? I think as we continue to see smaller, eventually, we’ll be back where we are = here, now. In fact, if we could go infinitely bigger, beyond the universe, again, I believe we’d end up here, now. I may be right (though I’m more likely wrong) but for whatever it’s worth, the point is to be here, now.

For me right now sunlight is refracting off the windowsill in glowing bars of radiance. I see also chipped and crumbling paint, and beads of dew like liquid diamonds. The silence is soothing. Actually, I can hear the clock ticking, and my fingers tapping the computer’s keyboard.

What you said about that guard who fed you a crumb of hope is too true. Funny how bits of beauty make the monotony more manageable. I’m convinced the richest man living in the largest mansion while vacationing on the biggest boat off the coast of the remotest island is no better off than the average Joe. A pure heart. A transparent soul. That’s the All and/or Everything. For me, sitting on a white bench in a green park while eating a red apple beats dinner with Miss America at Guy Savoy in Las Vegas. That’s what I say, anyway.

Also in your last letter you mentioned my voracious reading affliction. You’re right that I read a lot. Though fun and a diversion, at times I think reading comes at the expense of genuine experience. I devour books, yes, but reading is and always will be secondary to watching a spider craft its web, listening to rain patter a tree’s leaves, or feeling a kitten’s purr motoring against your chest.

While writing, which as you know occupies most of my leisure time, I often stop to look at or play with Jimi. I’ve got to do it. After all, she’s alive, and this computer is (no not dead but) inanimate. As much as I love writing, I think loving life is more important, and Jimi is life. Plus, she’s a cute cat.

That’s the point of this letter, Shaw = alive. Better to live today than to die tomorrow. Am I right or am I right?

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