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Misdemeanor on the home front 0

Dear Bradshaw,

I took a bus to my doctor’s appointment last Wednesday. I’d been there once before but never by bus so when I got off, glanced up at the street sign and read Via Stimigliano, I wasn’t sure in which direction to head in order to find Via Monte delle Gioie. Familiar with the area and knowing I was near, however, I decided to wander in hopes of happening upon the street by chance. Trusting my instinct, I continued along Via Stimigliano, convinced that one of the side streets had to be the right one. continue reading »

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Dew like liquid diamonds 0

Dear Bradshaw,

Money is power, but tens of thousands of years ago, physical strength was the law. As we figured out agriculture and animal domestication and started settling into communities, religion and the clergy made the rules. As larger societies evolved, politics took over until now business has assumed control… with a vengeance. The desire to make more and more money, at any cost, is an epidemic of the few that affects the many (if not the most) of us. continue reading »

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