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Yo Shaw,

What does a cat care about updating its status on Facebook or tweeting on Twitter? What feline longs for the latest technology or frets the bad luck of breaking a mirror? Most cats are content to curl up in a spot of sunshine, preferably on a soft surface, and to be cuddled from time to time. Of course, a cat needs to be fed, and loved, too.

Humans are an enigma, and that’s an understatement. Too many want too much, and once they have what they want, they want more, and then that’s not enough. Meanwhile, I’ve seen cats stroll between pigeons in a park, stirring nothing but leaves. I think we could learn a lot from cats.

Life deals you cards, Shaw. At times you can trade them in for a new hand, but when push comes to shove, one way or another, all you’ve got is cards, i.e. flimsy stuff. Water, air, earth, fire… anything can destroy paper. So what do you do with the cards you’re dealt? Double down? Try to bluff your way to a win? Fold? Whatever you do, Shaw, that’s the trick, and that’s your life.

There’s too much ‘me’ in the world. Not enough ‘us’. The level of selfishness and greed is staggering and, unfortunately, tends to rise to the top and stay there, floating like a turd in a toilet. I imagine up there gets lonely. Not for everyone, perhaps, but for those who have clawed their way up the ladder, stabbing backs and steamrolling those who stood in their way. I say who needs that life? I choose not to participate. Let the dogs eat other dogs. Of course, when they feast on the honest and innocent, well, unfortunately that’s the nature of turds, and that’s why turds stink.

Cats live in the here and now, I think, and much closer to the heart. “Feed me. Pet me. Love me.” is our cat’s mantra. She knows that love is the answer to all things, that love is an all-for-one-and-one-for-all mentality involving selflessness and sharing. She’d like to know when we humans will figure out this wisdom on a grand scale. Me too.

Nevertheless, I like where I am right now. I’m happy. I’m healthy. I’m living the dream. In fact, I’ve been dreaming for years. Lately though, the dream has been shifting into focus, like a sunflower in midsummer angling its stem toward the sun. I love life. I’m having fun. Things have never been better, but I’m also well aware that eventually, inevitably, flowers fade. So I’m trying (and succeeding, I think) to soak up the sunshine while its light lasts.

Regarding future dreaming, I imagine a house on the shore of a lagoon, isolated, peaceful, and me with nothing to do all day but curl up in a spot of sunshine, preferably on a soft surface, and to be cuddled from time to time. Of course, I need to be fed, and loved, too. Luckily, in addition to a cat, I’ve also got Francesca.

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