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Priest or no priest 1

Dear Bradshaw,

I’ve taught many priests over the years and though I’ve asked each one of them the same particular question, I’ve never managed to get a satisfactory answer, either because the student’s English wasn’t good enough to understand my question, or because the student’s English wasn’t good enough for me to follow their answer, or because of various other language deficiencies. Well, Shaw, nine years and twenty or so priests later, I’ve finally got my answer! continue reading »

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How bedrooms there many are? 0

Dear Bradshaw,

Though she speaks Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, 56-year-old Maria is having a hard time adding English to the list. Granted, she’s a beginner, but the logic and simplicity of the language seems to elude her.

As homework last week she had to write, “Do you like…” followed by a word from the box, and then answer either Yes, I do or No, I don’t. Maria’s homework looked like this: continue reading »

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