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Yo Shaw,

The leprechauns are loose again. In fact, they’ve been sewing the pages of my books together with porcupine spines. While trying to put an end to their antics, I remembered that day those shaved ducks got loose in your living room and how you shoveled them back onto the balcony with an ice cream scoop. So now here I am, writing you.

Life is chaos orbiting a fixed point. The question is: which point? Heaven? Hell? Hogwash! Your guess is as good as mine, maybe better. But if one thing’s for sure, Shaw, it’s this: the economic crisis is not hogwash. As an admirer of Gandhi and King Jr., I have a hard time condoning violence but, like you, I’m getting violently irritated by the trend of affairs. Must so very few people be so incredibly wealthy that the rest of humanity has to struggle like stuck pigs, i.e. futilely?

The greed, the selfishness, the “me” mentality, is completely out of control and any attempt to balance the scales assumes the weight of violence. The situation jerks, jolts, and, consequently, the reaction is aggressive. Perhaps not wholly justified but it is, in the end, a reaction to something and that something is that too much money is in the hands of too few people.

When push comes to shove, as I’m convinced it will, I’ll be happy not to be rich. The rich are greatly outnumbered, and everyone knows where they live. The global economic and political situation is in dire straits with no light at the end of no tunnel. Personally, I think capitalism has played itself out. After all, “nothing gold can stay”. We’re currently reaping the consequences of a system that breeds elitism and, in the long run, lacks social equilibrium, not to mention what it does to our environment’s natural resources.

Call me crazy, Shaw, but I believe there’s enough food to feed everyone in the world and yet every year millions of people die of starvation. In fact, some statistics claim that someone somewhere dies of hunger every five seconds. That means about ten people have died while you’ve been reading this. It boggles my mind to think that instead of feeding the hungry and housing the homeless, instead of developing a more humane global society, we build weapons of mass destruction. Imagine that. There’s money to be made in threatening and murdering ourselves.

The amount of money a country spends to build one atomic bomb could feed fifty children for a decade at least. Billion of people struggle to survive day by day, living in extreme poverty, while 300 billionaires have enough money to feed and house those people… but don’t.

So I’m not surprised that the leprechauns are loose and that the pages of my books are sewn together with porcupine spines. But, Shaw, I’ll tell you this much: if any shaved ducks come waddling into this living room, I’m shoveling them out the door with an ice cream scoop.


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