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Firebrick and wine red 1

Yo Shaw,

How goes? Long time no talk. I apologize profusely. My life has been — described in one word — outrageous. Things have been crazy, buddy, absolutely insane. Good crazy though, not bad crazy. I haven’t been tripping over my shoelaces or losing front teeth or forgetting to take off my shirt before showering. I’ve been teaching Monday through Saturday (sometimes nine hours a day, not including travel time), then coming home and first writing my blog, then the school blog, then working on Space Tigers and, for Octopus Ink, activity pages and lesson plans and presentation outlines and twitter blurbs and Facebook updates and, somewhere in the midst of this, emailing friends and family, reading, playing the harmonica, exercising, joking with Jimi, eating, sleeping, and attending to personal hygiene. continue reading »

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