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Dear Bradshaw,

Several weeks ago I turned forty. Forty years on the planet, Shaw, and one thing’s for sure: There’s no turning back now. Mentally, I feel as young as I’ve ever been. Physically, however, I’ve aged. My back aches. Minor cuts and bruises take a long time to heal. I have much less energy than I used to. Stuff like that. In fact, recently I pulled a muscle while standing still. continue reading »

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This stupid one my wife wants 0

Dear Bradshaw,

While passing the window display of a shop at the bazaar near our hotel in Istanbul, Francesca and I saw a pillowcase that was perfect for our living room.

“When we go inside,” I explained, “ask how much it is. That’s the one we want, of course, but when the guy tells you the price, I’ll pretend it’s too much and will choose a less expensive-looking one.”

From there we would argue back and forth, knowing we were going to end up with the original one “but oh well fine if you give us a good price I’ll take this stupid one my wife wants.” continue reading »

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You’re right. I’m sorry. Is there anything else? 1

Dear Bradshaw,

While I was riding the metro to work this morning, leaning with one shoulder against the door and the other against a metal bar, some guy rose from his seat and then stepped past me as he positioned himself before the exit. He was seething with rage. I could see the blood boiling behind his eyes as he glared at me. As the train was pulling into the next stop, the man turned to me, and said, “These bars are for HOLDING ON TO, so that people can stabilize themselves!” continue reading »

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