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Dear Bradshaw,

Lately, I’ve been stagnating in a quagmire. Since starting Octopus Ink Press, I’ve felt the need to make money and, as you know, worrying about money depletes the soul. Though I’m paid to write the school blogs and am making more money, the blogs take time, which makes it tricky to find my center of pure being. Blog writing is an everyday task with daily deadlines. So lately, I’ve been doing instead of being, and it’s easy to lose sight of what life’s about in such a situation.

For better or worse, I’m only up to my ankles in the mire and, luckily, I’m not sinking. The root of the problem is that I have no time to write for myself. My creative endeavors are closed and my personal blog virtually on hold. (Not that it matters to my readers but the catharsis calms my nerves.) At the moment I’m in a state of suspended animation. Nevertheless, the key is in my pocket and I know I can solve the problem whenever I want. I can and, maybe, I will… but not right now.

Everything else is good. Despite the stagnation, I’m enjoying life. I like living in Rome, though it has its frustrations. Things are wonderful between Francesca and me. I’m healthy and have a job I (most of the time) enjoy. I like our apartment. We’ve got a warm bed and a hot shower. We went to Germany last month and are going to Turkey next week. So okay, my feet may be muddy, but the rest of me is marvelous.

Your chum,


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