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Dear Bradshaw,

When we first moved into this apartment, we decorated our balcony with plants. We thought they would liven the place up a bit, add some color and whatnot, and they did until we killed them, and that includes two cacti. Not for lack of watering or sunshine but for lack of ability to water them and to understand how much sunshine they did or didn’t need. I’m well aware it doesn’t take much to keep a plant alive, especially a cactus but, speaking for myself, what may be a piece of cake and a scoop of ice cream to most people is putting a man on Mars to me. No matter what I do or who I ask or which website I consult for information, I water the plants too much or too little, give them too much or too little sunlight.

Since the last plant croaked, our balcony has been bare and that’s fine with me because it’s easier to clean. I grab a mop and a bucket of soapy water and it takes about five minutes. No moving things around or scrubbing at the dirt rings left by the plant pots.

But here’s the thing, Shaw, the wonder of it all: At the moment, there are several shoots sprouting from cracks in our balcony. They’re out there right now. All I have to do it glance out the window and I see vegetation growing without human assistance. That might not seem like such a miracle but we’re on the eighth floor. How did the seeds get up here and where does the water come from (it hasn’t rained in weeks)?

While I was mopping the balcony last week my instinct was to pluck the plants out but then I thought better of it. After all, we’ve got vegetation now and it’s effortless, some green to color our outdoor environment, even if they are weeds. They’re flourishing and it’s a fine sight to see. Even Jimi enjoys it. She’s here now, staring out the window, watching them bob back and forth in the breeze.

Well, that’s it for this week buddy. No more news and, I guess, that’s good. Isn’t it?

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