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Dear Bradshaw,

While splashing through the streets of Rome, frustrated by the slippery cobblestones, ubiquitous puddles, crowded, narrow streets, and cars and buses that threatened to splatter me with filthy water, I gritted my teeth and clenched my fists thinking, “This rain sucks!”

Thinking about it now, I realize how ridiculous I was being. After all, water is the All and/or Everything of life on Earth. Without it, not even an amoeba could exist. Meanwhile, we are supposedly eighty percent water so, in a sense, to complain about rain is to complain about myself. Heck, without water, there would be no rainbows, no rivers, and no Harvey Wallbangers.

Gritting my teeth and thinking, “This rain sucks!” is a classic example of how foolish I have become. After all, rain was fun when I was a child and enjoyed jumping in puddles and splashing around. I used to love getting wet by water fresh from the sky. What happened to me? Why do I worry about getting wet? Sure, arriving at work soaking wet can be uncomfortable, and I can’t hang soggy clothes in my closet, but if you think about it, it’s not even “me” who’s getting wet, is it? It’s my shoes, my shirt, my jacket, my pants, everything but myself. When did my clothes become more important than rainbows, rivers, or Harvey Wallbangers?

Some people pray for rain, Shaw, their survival depends on the stuff. Meanwhile, society continues to build brick walls, glass windows, and plastic plants that give birth to thoughts like, “This rain sucks!” We have been working hard to protect ourselves from nature as if nature were an enemy, as if we needed to defend ourselves instead of to embrace her. For this reason I go outside, get a little wet, and think, “This rain sucks!”

Life is moving too fast, Shaw. We are too big for what we are. Apparently, in twenty years, the demand for water will exceed its supply by fifty percent. FIFTY PERCENT! Who knows how this is happening and why our leaders are reluctant to do anything about it. We’re all tied up in a knot. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Money matters too much. We are slaves to it and, as a result, we are self-destructing. Slowly at first, until… another big bang.

Rain doesn’t suck, Shaw. We do.

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