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Dear Bradshaw,

Who could have ever believed when the idea to track time first entered a person’s head that 2010 would come and go? It’s incredible to think 2011 won’t matter fifty years from now as much as it does today. Not because it isn’t noteworthy but well, how important to you is January 3, 2011 compared to January 3, 1961? In fact, never mind fifty years, what about ten years, five years, one! After all, how real is yesterday compared to today? How actual is an hour ago in relation to right now?

Regarding New Year’s resolutions, I have none. In fact, I never have any. I decided long ago not to wait for the future to make life-altering improvements. As soon as I realize I’m not who I should be, I change immediately. Over the years, among other things, I’ve broken the habit of cracking my knuckles, I’ve stopped twisting the ring on my finger, and I’ve learned to sit with my spine straight. It’s not difficult, though it does require conscious energy and effort.

After all, why wait a minute for the chance to improve your life now? If you want to quit smoking, do it at once. If you want to lose weight, start instantly. Today is tomorrow and will soon be yesterday. If you want to quit, quit. The choice is yours, regardless of how irresistible the urge to smoke or eat may be.

Have you ever heard someone say, “If I’d only known then, what I know now”? What is it those people wish they had known then (which is now)? Whatever it is, I refuse to be one of those people. I know now what I’m going to know then, and that’s why I scream it to the sky and shout it at the mountains. If you believe that we die from this life and then go to heaven or hell, it makes just as much sense to believe that this is the afterlife of a previous existence. So there you have it, heaven and hell, here on Earth. Is the glass half full or half empty? It’s both, Shaw. The choice is yours.

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