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What they think and why they think it 0

Dear Bradshaw,

Last week I taught Adriana, a private student whose last lesson with me was two years ago. When I walked into her house and passed a bookshelf with framed photos of her family, I pointed to the one that was not family and said, “Is this your grandfather?”

“No,” she said, fooled by my serious tone and deadpan expression, “that’s Padre Pio. You don’t know Padre Pio?”

“No,” I lied. “Who’s he? Your uncle?” continue reading »

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The giver and the receiver 0

Dear Bradshaw,

A woman approached me while I was on my way to a lesson last week. She was about thirty years old, maximum thirty-five, and in great physical condition, as if she worked out daily at a gym. She seemed to need directions and when I stopped to help, suddenly her eyes went wild and she frowned and then asked me for money. continue reading »

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Complete and total peace and relaxation 0

Dear Bradshaw,

As I live in the center of Rome, sleeping through the night is easier said than done. If it’s not a car alarm or a honking horn, it’s trash collectors emptying dumpsters, police and ambulance sirens, or teenage numbskulls hanging out on the street downstairs while shouting and laughing and loitering because they have nothing better to do at three o’clock in the morning. continue reading »

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The ones with the guns 1

Dear Bradshaw,

Regarding your question about whether or not I decant wine = no, I don’t. Frankly speaking, I’ve never managed to open a bottle of wine and then wait an hour to drink it. Besides, I never drink wines that have been in a cellar long enough to contain sediment and, anyway, aerating benefits young, full-bodied wines while I prefer not-so-young, lighter-bodied ones. When I open a bottle of wine it’s because I’m ready to drink it immediately. Should it ever happen that I have to decant a bottle of wine I’ll open two bottles, one to set aside while it decants and the other to drink while I’m waiting for the first one to decant. continue reading »

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Ten years, five years, one 0

Dear Bradshaw,

Who could have ever believed when the idea to track time first entered a person’s head that 2010 would come and go? It’s incredible to think 2011 won’t matter fifty years from now as much as it does today. Not because it isn’t noteworthy but well, how important to you is January 3, 2011 compared to January 3, 1961? In fact, never mind fifty years, what about ten years, five years, one! After all, how real is yesterday compared to today? How actual is an hour ago in relation to right now? continue reading »

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