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Yo B,

Money is where it’s at, Shaw. No doubt about that. It’s here, there and (almost) everywhere. Money is so cherished/beloved/desirable that people will steal/kill/die for it. Forget about God, Shaw. Money has taken His place, which means we’re painting ourselves into a corner and are suffering the consequences. Meanwhile, most wars are waged (not for liberty, justice or human rights but) for power and control.

How did cavemen enjoy their lives without the bliss of money to spend? What fun could it have been to wear the same garment every day of every week of every month of every year? Or to craft your own club, hoping it would still be stylish when the next rains came? What did cavemen do on the weekends without a disco to go to or a mall to shop at?

Our needs have surpassed food, clothing, and shelter. Now, in certain parts of the world, there are people who in one day consume what some five-member families eat in a week. There are others with enough clothes in their closets to last several lifetimes. Still others have second or third homes big enough to shelter any number of families.

It’s out of control. We’re out-of-control. As a result of some people’s unquenchable craving for money, we not-so-rich folk are finding it more and more difficult to be middle class. Why? Because it’s disappearing! Working for peanuts is the norm now. That’s what it takes if you want your piece (crumb!) of the pie. Forget about sitting on the sand and watching waves crash, or on a park bench thinking about things. There’s no time if you want to get ahead, and too many of us want exactly that.

Beware, Shaw, because nothing exists without a middle, nothing. Not a building, not a brick, not even a coin. (Okay, yes, a donut, but you know what I mean.) And it’s not the poor who will suffer because the poor have nothing to lose while the rich, well, let’s just say I wouldn’t want to be rich when the middle class disappears completely… Snap! Revolution! Off with their heads!

I don’t want to be poor, but to be honest, I don’t want to be rich either, and that’s the gospel truth.

What would I do with a billion dollars? I’ve already got everything I need, including a heart and a head. Heck, if I had a billion dollars I’d give nine hundred ninety-nine million of it to nine hundred ninety-nine charities. But that’s not how it works, is it? Billionaires wouldn’t be billionaires if they gave most of their money away.

How wonderful it would be to buy a coffee with a clever joke, or a pair of shoes in exchange for some goodwill and holiday cheer? One of the biggest problems in my opinion is that the slimy, greedy sons of the rich have raised offspring of even slimier, greedier sons of the rich who are currently bringing up the slimiest, greediest sons of the rich the world has ever known. And we the vanishing middle class are reaping the consequences of their shameless appetites for money and excessive power. Money will destroy us, Shaw. Our devotion to the latest cell phone, the quickest computer, the fastest car, and the biggest house in the best neighborhood is causing our extinction.

I wish we could see (instead of be blinded by) the light.

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