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Dear Bradshaw,

Why do I write, and why Octopus Ink Press? I can only answer your questions with the question, “Why not?” And if that doesn’t satisfy your curiosity, let me reiterate with what I’ve said before: I write because it’s fun. Because it’s time well spent. Because when I don’t write I feel anxious. Writing keeps the river of my life (or you could say my peace of mind) flowing, and on a day I don’t write it’s as if a dam is obstructing my flow, and the more time that passes that I don’t write, the more the pressure builds up, and the more anxious and frustrated I feel. So writing is a release.

I decided to start Octopus Ink after several old friends contacted me on Facebook. They’re married with children now and, remembering the first edition of Silly the Seed, asked if I still had copies. I was sad to say “no” so decided to print a revised edition of the book instead of letting it collect dust as a document on my computer.

My intention is to print and publish books for children and to have them available for anyone who asks. I also plan to sell them through select bookstores, various schools in California as well as where I work in Rome, and online. Meanwhile, in the best-case scenario, there’s also the dream (however remote) that one day I could make a living at it, a humble ambition.

Why not “toss everything to the wind and be, see, think”? Because writing is my way to be, see, and think. I’m alive, and since I’ve got to do something with my time, why not pursue what I love? Sure, the idea of sitting back, sipping a glass of water, and nibbling on a carrot while staring at the sky and admiring its clouds is tempting, but it would never be enough. Mostly because I prefer to sip wine and eat pizza but also because I value, more than anything else, my experience of life, even if it’s ephemeral. In the short time I’m going to be here I want to do what I want to do, and that means writing and publishing books.

I love the sky, Shaw, and its clouds, but they would never be enough because I also love cracks in the pavement, the smell of old library books, and the pop of a bottle uncorking. At the moment, I’m in my beanbag, drinking wine, and writing with my feet up. Yes, life is hectic sometimes, stressful too, and it sure can be painful. For one thing, I bit the inside of my cheek last week and had a good gash there. If that wasn’t enough, I bit the other side last night. Also, the sound of the alarm clock (the dream guillotine, as I call it) drilled holes in my head this morning, as it does every morning, Saturdays included. But that’s life, isn’t it? Take it or leave it.

I’ll take it, I guess, even with the cheek gashes and dream guillotine. After all, what choice do I have? I’ll be leaving some time, guaranteed. So I might as well make the most of it.

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