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Hot dog and hallelujah! 0

Dear Bradshaw,

Your letter arrived today and man do I dig your Time Killing Olympics idea, and agree you’d be the Ultimate Time Murdering Master. You have a way with words, my friend. I love your letters. We’re on the same wavelength, I think, as thinkers, and breathers of air. I also spend a lot of time wondering what I’m doing here. It used to make sense, you know, when I had dreams to believe in and “knew” they’d come true. continue reading »

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Three seven hundred 0

Dear Bradshaw,

Hoping to improve the ambiance of our living room, Francesca wants to replace the couch with a scattering of pillows of diverse colors, shapes and sizes, a beanbag, and also to decorate the wood floor with a large, round rug.

Part of the plan involved getting rid of our entertainment center, which — impossible to dismantle and way too big to squeeze out the front door not to mention haul down eight flights of stairs — meant I had to buy a saw (expanding my tool collection to saw, hammer and screwdriver) and saw the entertainment center to pieces. continue reading »

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My new anthem, my motto 0

Dear Bradshaw,

Searching online recently for examples of paradoxes to share with one of my students, I found this:

The statement below is false.
The statement above is true.

Interesting, but obvious, and continuing to read, I found: While a father and his son are driving down a winding road, the car hits a tree, and the father is killed. The child is rushed to the hospital for surgery, and the surgeon, seeing the boy, says, “I can’t operate on this child. He’s my son.”

So what’s the scoop? Assuming you’ve never read or seen that before, take a minute to think. Is the above situation possible? If yes, please explain. continue reading »

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