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Dear Bradshaw,

As Francesca has started her aromatherapy class, her excitement about further integrating fragrance into our lives has reached a fever pitch. She claims certain scents can enhance creativity, increase peace of mind, and help us tune into spiritual frequencies that will bring important problems bubbling to the surface of our dreams.

While climbing into bed last night, after peeling back the cover and finding wet spots on the pillows, I called Francesca into the bedroom, hoping to assess the gravity of the situation by the shock of her reaction. But she was not shocked. Instead, she smiled, and said, “It’s lavender.” Apparently, her aromatherapy instructor had suggested trickling lavender oil on the pillows to help us sleep and also to see things clearly.

After laying my head on the wet, I must admit, I did fall asleep, and I saw things clearly… though maybe too clearly. In a progression of dreams that stretched across my seven-hour sleep, I suffered an ongoing nightmare in which I’m late for work, rushing to my first lesson but in slow motion. I go down streets, cut across avenues, pass shops and other people, all the while fighting to move faster but I can’t. I think about calling my student to say I’ll be late but I left my cell phone at home. Arriving twenty minutes late, I apologize, and then offer to do a half hour lesson for free.

Anyway, Shaw, that was the gist of the dream, and I woke several times throughout the night, feeling anxious and stressed. I always managed to fall back to sleep, but only to return to where I had left off = moving in slow motion along sidewalks and across patches of grass, struggling to reach the lesson as soon as possible. So when I woke up to my alarm at six o’clock in the morning, I was weary and restless, as if I hadn’t slept at all.

That’s it then = the story of our first night of aromatherapy. Clearly, I’ve got issues to iron out, and iron them out I will, but in the meantime, my more immediate concern is Francesca’s fragrance therapy and which aroma to worry about tonight.

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