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The single-most painful part 1

Dear Bradshaw,

I saw people doing this on facebook about a year ago and, racking my brain for things to write you about, I thought I’d give it a go. So for whatever it’s worth, here are twenty-five things about me that (almost) nobody else knows:

1) I write everyday.

2) I always have pen and paper in my pocket.

3) I read about 50-100 books a year.

4) I was in the Israeli army. (Though for only three weeks. I quit because I didn’t have time to read and write).

5) My favorite book is Oh, The Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss.

6) I know 39 poems by heart (one for every year I’ve been alive +1).

7) I play the harmonica.

8 ) I can ride a unicycle.

9) I slept on the floor of a garage for eight years.

10) The first thing I do every morning is exercise for thirty to forty-five minutes.

11) I’m hairier than I’d like to be.

12) I have a black cat named Jimi Hendrix who plays the guitar with her teeth.

13) I can turn wine into water and then walk on it.

14) My favorite sound is no sound. Silence. (Bach comes a close second.)

15) I’ve never been to England. (For some reason, people are often surprised to hear that. However, I must admit, I’m going to London on Thursday and staying until Sunday.)

16) I’ve lived in four countries: the United States, Israel, Chile and Italy.

17) I have three tattoos. The first I got in Amsterdam at Hanky Panky’s by Hanky Panky himself. The second I got in Laguna Beach because a friend worked there and, at my request, he carved an interesting design on my stomach. (I later learned that the stomach is the single-most painful part of the body to have repeatedly pierced by an ink-staining needle and, after that excruciating experience, I agree.) For the third, I returned to my friend, pointed to my right upper arm and said, “I want another tattoo but I’m not sure what I want.” My friend smiled and said, “Okay, but don’t look until I’m done.”

18) I’ve jumped out of an airplane.

19) I hate being late. (That’s why I jumped out of an airplane.)

20) I’ve never seen a ghost or been abducted by aliens.

21) I’ve never voted for a Bush.

22) I can see the Pope’s helicopter landing pad from my balcony.

23) I’m technologically inept. If it had been up to me to invent the wheel, we’d all still be walking.

24) I’ve been friends with Brent Aspland since I was three years old and he can still stand me.

25) In another life, I was a leaf.

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  1. i read a few of your blogs today, leaf-man. you crack me up.

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