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Dear Bradshaw,

            While jumping rope the other morning, ten seconds into it, my head starting pounding as if my brain was knocking around inside my skull. Like a slow, hard rain it beat against my forehead and temples. On one hand, the idea of my brain bouncing might seem silly, but on the other hand, well… after all, I was jumping up and down, wasn’t I?

            At first I assumed it was some strange type of headache or the onset of the flu but my head was fine when I wasn’t jumping rope so both explanations seemed unlikely. Coincidentally, I had a lesson that evening with my student who’s a doctor, a general practitioner, and when I asked if the fact of my head hurting while jumping might be a symptom of the flu, he said, “To the best of my knowledge, no.”

            So what was it: a physical or psychological problem? Do I need a doctor or a psychotherapist?

            Meanwhile, as if that’s not enough, I hurt my back the other day, practically crippled myself. As you know, I exercise in the mornings, nothing too fancy, just the simple stuff like pull-ups, sit-ups and push-ups, enough to stay healthy, you know, to stay in shape. But there’s one other exercise with free weights that I do for my biceps and that’s what did it. I had added ten pounds to each dumbbell, and I must have strained my back because it was almost impossible to get out of bed the next morning.

            Having recently recovered from a swollen left ankle (resulting in a two-week break from jumping rope), the back and headache issues were discouraging. It seems I’m falling apart. My body’s ready to throw in the towel. Jeez, Shaw, this shouldn’t be happening, should it? I’m not even forty years old yet. At what age is it normal for the body to start malfunctioning? Well, whatever, right? After all, I’m getting older, not younger. If only it could be the other way around, or if there was a way to freeze it, know what I mean?

            Meanwhile, Jimi is not here. Don’t get me wrong. She’s here in the apartment but she just wandered around the corner and that’s how it goes. Francesca isn’t here either. She’s at the gym and will be for another hour and a half and that’s how that goes too. I’m drinking wine and writing. Nothing new there.

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