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Why there’s war and social psychosis 0

Dear Bradshaw,

About a week ago, while writing in my apartment, the only sound was of my fingers pounding the keys. There was a bottle of water next to my glass of wine on the coffee table and I noticed the water inside the bottle was rippling. You might not make much of that Shaw but it was spectacular because, as I said before, the apartment was hush, no air conditioning stirring the air, no earthquake of which to speak, no helicopter fanning the roof, nothing, man, I mean zippo! Nevertheless, the water inside the bottle was rippling, and it got my mind chugging, curious to know what was making it move.

Just to make sure, I stopped and sat as still as the Statue of Liberty, holding my breath like she holds her torch, wanting to confirm I wasn’t the one rippling the water. I wasn’t. Was I typing the keys harder than I thought, and the force from my fingers — through the computer to the couch to the floor to the bottle of water on the coffee table — the cause of the rippling? I doubted that. Am I so filled with energy and passion when I write that the inspiration affects everything around me, sending tremors through the air that ripples water in nearby bottles? Another unlikely suggestion. Does it regard city life? Car alarms, traffic, loud neighbors, blaring TVs, screaming pedestrians and the anxiety that results? These things must affect me, us, the objects around us, and city inhabitants worldwide. I’m telling you Shaw, I wake up every other night to the dumpsters being emptied on the street below, car alarms sounding in the night, or horns singing at four, five, six o’clock in the morning, and well, let’s face it, it taints my peace of mind.

Could our lack of a calm pond explain why there’s war and social psychosis instead of international peace and tranquility? It’s just an idea, Shaw, and I’m certainly not insisting you take my word for it. Try rolling it around in your mind while sleeping on your stomach, and then let me know what you think. Thanks!

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