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Dear Bradshaw,

Life has been crazy lately. I’m telling you, buddy, I’ve never had so much work in my life, ever. Since last week, I’ve been starting at nine o’clock in the morning and getting home around nine o’clock at night. No joke. I admit I’m rolling in the dough. At least, ‘rolling’ in terms of what an English teacher working abroad can expect to make. Compare my income with that of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, and I’m rolling in a puddle of pig sweat.

Nevertheless, I’m full to overflowing right now. Monday through Saturday is booked solid. Oh sure, I’ve got breaks between lessons, the private ones anyway. Naturally, I need time to get from one place to another, but every minute of every hour of my day is spent teaching or traveling to and from the last or next lesson.

I’m telling you, Shaw, it’s brain scrambling. When I get home my mind is mush. Past participles, present perfect, conditionals, future forms, articles, phrasal verbs, gerunds, infinitives, expressions, slang, punctuation, pronunciation, conversation, and on and on and who knows why or what. And even though I’m teeming with students right now, more students continue to rain from the sky, saturating the ground around me so that I’m sinking into a quicksand of English language learners, and am forced to deny one after another because I literally don’t have a spare time slot. Heck, I’ve even got one student who fits into my already hectic schedule like the last piece of a puzzle, scheduling his lessons the evening before, and agreeing to squeeze into whatever gap I may have in my schedule when and if there’s a cancellation.

Am I enjoying my life, you’re wondering? All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, right? Yessir, I am enjoying life. I like my job, and I wake up everyday ready to go out there and get it done. Meanwhile, this situation is temporary. Sometimes I’m swamped with work, and other times it’s a barren desert. Feast or famine, and when it rains, it pours. That’s my job, and right now it’s gushing down and I’m trying to surf it like a tsunami. Whatever the case, I can always cancel lessons, you know, say I’ve found another job, been abducted by aliens, or forgotten how to speak English. So, for the time being, working like a mule means more money to spend on finer wines and weekend trips to Barcelona, Prague and Paris.

So that’s what’s going on with me right now. Nothing to do but take a deep breath, blow it out slowly, and then decide which bottle of wine to open next. Here I go. No, it’s not a billion dollar bottle, but hey, for a few extra bucks it sure hits the spot.

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