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First night in new apartment 0

Dear Bradshaw,

What? I haven’t told you about our first night in our apartment? That must have been back when you were immersed in all that hocus pocus, blowing around the room like a popped balloon. Well, here it is then.

We moved in here two years ago, and that first evening we had dinner with another couple at a restaurant downstairs. I had taken my camera, and when we said goodbye to our friends around midnight, and then Francesca and I returned to our new apartment, I realized I’d left the camera at the restaurant. continue reading »

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A friendly smile or hello 0

Dear Bradshaw,

            I thought I’d already told you how Francesca and I met. You must have forgotten, or else I’m senile, or an idiot, or all three. Anyway, here’s the story, and I apologize if it’s long.

            Francesca used to work at Pfizer and, at the time, I was teaching her boss English once or twice a week. Francesca and I occasionally passed each other in the hallway when I came and left but a friendly smile or hello was the extent of our conversation. continue reading »

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You are what you eat 0

Dear Bradshaw,

            In your last letter you asked how long I’ve been a vegetarian and why. That’s a question in a half so forgive me in advance if this letter is long.

            I’ve been a vegetarian since I was seventeen years old (over twenty years) but, as you know, I eat fish (doctor recommended because my ‘bad’ cholesterol is alarmingly high) so I’m not a genuine vegetarian. The main reason I don’t eat animal meat is because I don’t like the taste while I’ve always loved fruit and vegetables, and also bread, peanuts, pasta and rice. To me, the taste of watermelon, strawberries, apples, oranges, cantaloupe, avocados, coconuts, papaya, mango and almost any other fruit is divine. Meat, to me, is mud. Meanwhile, think about all the vegetables there are, which you can eat either raw or cooked, right? But you wouldn’t sink your teeth into a live cow or a chicken, would you? I hope not, and if you would, then we’ve got other issues to discuss. continue reading »

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