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Yo Shaw,

            I’ve been thinking lately (nothing new about that, eh?) and would like to tell you what I’ve come up with. Here it is. Are you ready for it…? Nothing. Can you believe that? All this thinking, day in and day out, week after week for months and years, and my conclusion can be summed up with one word. Here it is again. Brace yourself… nothing. Perhaps you’d like to know what I’ve been thinking about, eh? Okay, I’ll tell you = 1) Why are we here? 2) What happens after we die? and 3) Is there a God? What I mean when I say ‘nothing’ is that I don’t think there are answers to those questions. (No permanent ones anyway.) In fact, I think even to suggest an answer is missing the point completely because the point is exactly that = the point. Not the line or the angle or the parallelogram. The point is the beginning, middle and end of it all, the summit of knowledge and experience, the awakening of wisdom. These things exist in realms beyond words and explanations.

            But you know me, Shaw. I like to make suggestions anyway and here’s what I propose: health, happiness, laughter and love. If there’s a reason for anything, it might just be that. Health is fundamental because when you feel fantastic, life’s fantastic. Happiness is essential because when you’re happy, you enjoy life and, in my opinion, enjoying life is maybe all there is. Laughter’s important because it often includes health and happiness and, even as Woody Allen said, only sex is more fun. And love is vital because it’s possibly the one thing that keeps people from making their quietus with a bare bodkin.

            So that’s it for today, buddy = nothing. No words of the mountains, no insights about the sky, just two atoms of hydrogen, one of oxygen, and voilà! So remember, wherever you are, whoever you are, why-ever you are, live, laugh, love, and, what the heck, be happy too.

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