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            Earthquake! Six point something and let me tell you, pal, though I’m from California and am used to earthquakes, it’s quite a different bullet to bite when you’re on the eighth floor of a very old and very (in my opinion) unstable building in one of the most ancient cities in the world. The epicenter was sixty miles away and I woke to the bedroom rocking and rolling without music. There’s a bookcase in our living room, about ten feet high, and I heard it creaking to and fro, while the chandelier above our bed was swinging back and forth.

            At first, Francesca thought Jimi was jumping around on the bed but when she realized our cat was much too small to cause such commotion, she was up and dressing while grabbing car keys, precious jewelry, and insisting we leave the building immediately. She was right, of course, but we first had to wait until the apartment stopped bouncing and skipping, so we stood in the doorway of our bedroom until the shaking ended, but by then it seemed silly to get dressed at three thirty in the morning, and then descend eight flights of stairs with a cat in tow in order to stand on a deserted street waiting to see if our building would or wouldn’t collapse. Meanwhile, we both had to wake up early in the morning, so I convinced her to get in bed and go to back to sleep.

            We did, but falling asleep proved another fish to fry. At first it was because of the car alarms screaming and my heart beating so hard I thought it’d crack through my ribcage. But afterward, each time I’d start to relax, I’d hear the sound of something settling inside the walls, and it started my brain burning all over again.

            So that’s it. We survived. Not my first but definitely my biggest Roman earthquake. We got through it okay, this time, but it sure was a shaker.

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