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Yo Shaw,

            I dreamed about my cousin last night. I haven’t seen him since August and in the dream we were at his house, sitting on his couch, and I was happy to be there and had a lot of questions to ask him. While we were talking, his children appeared, wanting to play and I promised to after I’d spent some time with their father.

            While chatting, I turned off my computer so I could better focus on our conversation. Then I noticed my other computer was there too and, wondering why I had brought both my computers, I turned the second one off. Just then I saw my printer, and was perplexed, trying to figure out why in the world I had brought all this electronic equipment with me, and then I saw my fax machine and (knowing I don’t have a fax machine) suspected I was dreaming.

            I wanted to ask my cousin if this was a dream but what if it wasn’t? Would it insult him to know I thought he wasn’t real? part of my imagination? I asked anyway, “This is a dream, right?”

            He stared at me blankly, and I knew I was having a lucid dream.

            As I often do in such situations, I decided to fly. Raising my arms in the air, I shot up, flying like Superman through a sky of white clouds, over the green leaves of trees, grassy parks, and between buildings. The buildings reminded me that I lived in Rome and I found my apartment, landed on the balcony, and gazed through our bedroom window. I saw myself sleeping with Francesca by my side. Jimi was there too, curled up between us, and she woke up, saw me staring, and then meowed.

            I understood her. She’d said, “You’re sleeping. When you wake up, pet me.”

            At that moment, I woke and, sitting up in bed, glanced out the window, half expecting to see myself out there. The sky was soft, misty blue with the fuzzy glow of early morning streetlights. I reached over and pet Jimi, and then lay my head down, wrapped an arm around Francesca, and fell back to sleep.

            How’s that for a dream, huh?

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