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Dear Shaw,

            Big news, buddy, big Big BIG news = Francesca and I are getting married. I proposed and she said yeah, sure, let’s do it. We’ve considered all matrimony maneuvers, everything from jumping out of an airplane to exchanging wedding vows at the bottom of the Pacific. We’ve discussed having the reception in an empty bottle of wine or inside a genie’s lamp, otherwise on the moon or around the sun or some other satellite or star, but nothing seemed to strike the right cord. So we settled on a restaurant in Laguna Beach.

            Jimi’s here, of course. Not such a surprise considering she lives here. She follows me wherever I go, you know. Whether I walk into the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedroom, she follows me. It’s like whatever I’m doing or wherever I am is the hippest, coolest, most happening place to be. Even if she’s sleeping and I try to stand silently and tiptoe away, she wakes up and bounds after me. Right now though, she’s curled up against my leg with her head resting on my kneecap.

            In the meantime, that’s the end of this letter. Snap, crackle and… pop!

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