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Dear Bradshaw,

            Beer. Can you believe that, buddy? I’m drinking beer instead of wine. “Why?” you may be wondering and, well, I’ll tell ya. A buddy from the States was here, stayed with us for a few days, and he likes beer and bought beer but didn’t drink beer. I’m emptying the bottles so I can free space in the refrigerator.

            On another note, I’m at home, it’s 6.31pm, and Jimi’s asleep on the computer case, which is on the floor here in the living room. And I’m antsy. My mind refuses to wrap around anything substantial and well, whatever.

            During one of my lessons today, while doing a fill-in-the-blank exercise, the student had to complete the following sentence: What ______ your father do?

            She had done the previous sentences correctly, so I was surprised as she sat there mulling over this one. Finally, I pointed the tip of my pen toward the top of the page where the word ‘does’ was written. She saw it but still struggled, her elbows on both sides of the book and her forehead supported by her hands.

            Finally, I said, “Does. What does your father do?”

            She was silent, and then her eyebrows bunched together as she glanced up and said, “Are you sure?”

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