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One of them Saturn’s rings 0

Yo Shaw,

            It’s 9am and I’m drinking wine.  Actually, I’ve cut out the morning sessions, for the most part, and in celebration of that fact (and since we had an unfinished bottle already open from last night) I decided to celebrate my week-long success by having a glass or two (so far two) this morning.  Red, in case you were wondering.  Too early, you think?  Listen, a bottle opened eleven hours ago ages at an exponential rate.  If I don’t drink it now, who will, and then what?

            I rest my case.

            So I’m sitting here now, writing you this letter, drinking wine, and thinking about being here instead of Nottingham or Niger or Neptune.  Could you imagine that?  If I were on Neptune or one of them Saturn’s rings, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

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