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Dear Bradshaw,

            My buddy Paolo has a dog named Blast. Blast is unusually large (almost a mutant) and practically the size of a pony.

            Yesterday, Paolo came over to fix the axle on Francesca’s car. While working, up to his elbows in grease, he asked for a glass of juice. I was out, had just been to the store and lazily tried to talk him into a cup of water. Paolo mumbled something about vitamins and nutrition and then suggested I take Blast.

            “Why?” I asked, “Does he need to be walked?”

            Paolo smiled as he explained, “No, I mean ride him.” And then, without hesitation, he jumped on Blast’s back and rode him up and down the sidewalk.

            I was flabbergasted. Granted, Blast was big but I had never (and still never have) seen anybody ride a dog.

            The journey for the juice was a sensation. Although the ride was rough and difficult to control at first, I quickly got the hang of it and cruised the distance to the nearest store. Cars honked, people hooted and hollered, I heard lots of laughter and whistling. And when I returned with a carton of orange juice, my heart was pounding with excitement.

            And that’s it. How’s that for a hoot?

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