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Dear Bradshaw, 

            I was excited and pleasantly surprised to receive your letter. As I’ve told you before you write well. Why not keep a diary or start a story or something? Writing is fun, cathartic, passes the time, provides escape and, maybe most importantly, releases demons. You may be there but when you write you can be anywhere: a beautiful beach on a tropical island, inside a crater on the moon, or the peak of Stromboli when it’s spitting red lava into the black sky.

            Yes, the universe works in mysterious ways. Sometimes it unfolds in our favor and sometimes not. In my experience, it has always rewarded my positive thoughts, words and deeds and punished me when my actions weren’t honorable. So when ‘bad’ things happen, I try to learn a lesson. Of course, I can’t change the past but I can use it as a diving board for the future.

            Jimi is currently cuddled up lengthwise along my leg. She’s growing by the day. We’ve had her for a mere three and a half weeks and already she’s tripled in size. At this rate, I’ll be living with an elephant by the end of the month. She’s good though, behaves well. In that short time, she has learned quickly and obeys (most of) the rules. As a reward, we’ve given her complete freedom to roam. That’s right. She has access to every room even when we aren’t home. However, if at the end of the month we find ourselves with a five-hundred-euro phone bill, we’ll know whom to blame.

            So you’ve been reading 500 pages a week. Hurray! Hurrah! Keep up the good work. Where do you find the time to sleep, eat and exercise? And what about your personal hygiene? Don’t neglect your toiletries.

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