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Dear Bradshaw,

In response to your question, ‘Does evil exist?’ I begin by highlighting the well-known fact that ‘evil’ spelled backward is ‘live’ and therefore to live means to experience evil in reverse. What does that mean you wonder? Simply this: Better a baked potato today than a string of cheese tomorrow.

On another note, the question to consider is: what is evil? Is evil a fork-tailed, two-horned demon with wings of fire? Does evil mean burning Bibles, smoking weed, or scratching your armpit with your best friend’s fork? Or is evil the word we assign negative energy and, if so, are electrons evil?

When two countries go to war, the good guys think they’re the good guys and the bad guys think they’re the good guys too. So who’s evil? According to William F. Buckley Jr., “History is the polemics of the victor.”

In conclusion, I’d like to state that by definition, yes, evil exists, but as its own entity, no. Whatever the case, let’s leave the electrons alone.

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